Feature Codes For Checking Voice Mail Not Working

Hello Group,

For some reason my feature codes for voice mail are not working. This has never worked from day one. Anyone know what would cause this and what I would need to do to get it working?


@dapaq2 You are referring to *98 and *97? What devices are you trying to call these from? Does the device have the star code assigned to a different function?

What happens when you dial either *98 or *97? What do the logs say?

That is correct *97 and *98. I am not using any ip phone or device, I am calling the number from a landline phone and entering *97 or *98 to enter or get the check voice mail prompts. But all it says is “You have entered an invalid selection” and repeats the greeting message.

How do I check the logs? I am unsure how to get to the logs.


If it’s a relatively new version look under the extension settings > voicemail for

Disable (*) in Voicemail Menu

If it’s not that, need more info

I am using version number

I will take a look around in extensions but not sure this is the cause though. Seems like its at the ‘root’ level of the permissions and not extension level.

Also how or where do I go to check the logs?


Logs are stored in folder /var/log/asterisk

Look for full - this is the current log file, and you’ll find the previous few days logs there as well