Feature code not working properly - I have attaached a video of the problem - Please help

Objective: Be able to send callers to a colleagues voice mail by pressing *ExtensionNumber

Asterisk 1.4.14

Problem description:

The feature code to transfer the call to the voicemail directly works when:

  1. I press *ExtenNumber
  2. Then hit the dial key

The feature code to directly transfer the call to the voicemail does not work when:

  1. I press New Call.
  2. Then press the *ExtensionNumber
  3. Then press the send key

I think there may be something to this.

I have a Polycom 650 in my home office, sometime in the last few weeks my feature codes stopped working.

This is my test system and I have built several Asterisk versions with a bunch of patches so I did not give it much of a thought. The odd thing is I can use the message button which sends the same feature code I can’t dial from the keypad.

All the SNOM’s and ATA’s still work.

I am traveling tomorrow but when I get back in the evening I will have a look at what is going on and post my results.

Thanks for your reply. If there is some test you want me to do let me know and I will be happy to run them and post the results here.

Here is the software details for the Polycom 650.

BootBlock: 2.7.0 (12600_001)
SIP Version:


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It finally works it came down to a local phone configuration setting inside the Polycom 650 called “Digitmap”

I added a digitmap string as “*8xxx” Since all my extension numbers start with 8 and are 4 digits long.

After I added this digitmap the calls can be easily transferred to the voice mail.


Vikas Kedia