Feature code in IVR


how we can limit feature codes for an IVR calls?
Now they caller in IVR can dial transfer feature code and dial pstn calls. is it a bug? dial option doesn’t help.
Do you have any idea about this? it is a security bug?

It is not a bug, it is a misconfiguration. If you are running FreePBX 13, it will prevent this from happening.

How dear?
I’m using FreePBX 13 latest updates and I have this issue.

  1. In Advanced Options, what do you have set for “Disallow transfer features for inbound callers”.
  2. Are you running custom code on inbound calls?

Yes I set.
no I use defaults.

Then we are going to need a sanitized call trace.

I’ll try to provide this. But generally how do you prevent this? How do you prevent feature code dialing and call transfer in incoming calls and specially in IVR before any “Dial”?

Advanced Settings, Asterisk Dial Options.

Dear you said “Dial options”, but in this situation caller is in IVR and announcement is playing. So how I use T or t?