Feature Code Announcement

Is there a way to customize the feature code announcement?

For example, I’ve set up a button as a BLF key that just dials a feature code. This feature code will temporarily override the time conditions set in place just in case my client leaves their office early. The feature code announces “feature code ‘time’ activated”.

I’d like to be able to have it say “feature code ‘service’ activated” or “feature code ‘after hours’ activated”. Is this possible?

If you can find the context where this is getting done, you can use the “freepbx override” file to change the operation of the announcement so that it can do just about anything you want. Duplicate the context where the announcement is getting played and change it to play the sound files you want to play.

It’s possible this is managed in code (I haven’t looked) and if that’s the case, you’ll need to submit a Feature Request through the “Support” (or is it “Issues”) tab at the top of this page.

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