Feature Button to forward incoming call to another destination

On my legacy PBX’s operator console I have several hunt-night service buttons programmed (that is how Avaya calls it).
Calls to a certain ring (hunt) group extension reach her console, unless she has a specific button depressed, than the call automatically goes to another destination (cell phone). She depresses the button for after hours or when she leaves her desk and when she comes back, she presses again.
Is there a way to achieve the same thing in Asterisk/FreePBX?
Maybe through feature codes or a feature button on an IP phone.

Look into FollowMe :smile: We use it in our offices…it’s amazing xD

Thank you.
I don’t know if follow me can do what I would like to accomplish:
I have two attendants. Both are members of several queues. Let’s say queue 1111 and 2222. When someone dials queue extension 1111 and none of my operators are available, I would like the call to go to a cell phone. When someone dials the other queue 2222 and my operators aren’t there, I would like the call to go to a different destination.
How do I achieve something like that?

There is ‘call flow control’ that can be tied to a BLF and/or feature code… would put that before the queue to select either the queue or the other destination.

Also, queues have failure destinations as well as penalties for destinations. Perhaps the “final” destination could be a high penalty destination?

I set up my queues to contain my attendant extensions as dynamic agents. Then on fop2, I pause the members and the call goes to the failover destination of the queue.
That is how I have accomplished what I wanted.
I am not yet familiar with penalties for destinations. Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it.

Thanks for your support.