FaxPRO resolution (See 29305, bug to be fixed)

I am using a PDF file that wan scanned in. I sent it as an outgoing Fax. The PDF file seems to be converted to something that is impossible to read! And that gets transmiited.

When I sent the fax the old fashioned way, printed out, and thru a fax machine using the same outgoing service, it looks just fine.

Of course, I bought this module to avoid having to do that.

Please help!

This appears to be the same problem as in Fax Pro Outbound Fax Resolution that is not resolved.

I am 80% sure there is a bug on this…

Basic issue is your PDF. The content is likely an image and not postscript. So you are essentially faxing a picture. Converting a proper PDF to TIFF is a bit different than converting a giant picture. There are some additional options that can be passed in the conversion to improve this which I think the bug is addressing.