Faxpro and dialplan change No such extension/context

We recently had an issue with outbound faxes failing. We tracked the issue down to using “*393” in the Global Prefix. It seems the dialplan is now having an issue with the “*”. We removed the * and changed our global prefix to just “393” we also updated our outbound routes to match.

Asterisk: 13.23.1
FaxPro: 13.0.42

We get this error in Asterisk:
NOTICE[2773] core_local.c: No such extension/context *[email protected] while calling Local channel

The context uses _X which seems to not recognize the *

include => special-fax-context-custom
exten => _X!,1,Noop(Sending fax to ${EXTEN})
exten => _X!,n,Set(CHANNEL(hangup_handler_push)=fax-hangup-handler,${EXTEN},1(${faxid}))
exten => _X!,n,Goto(${DESTCONTEXT},${EXTEN},1)
;–== end of [special-fax-context] ==–;

Has there been a change in the FreePBX dialplan or Asterisk that has broken this?


_X! matches any numeric pattern of one or more digits (but not * or #). Try with _[*0-9]!


Thank Mohit, that will likely work. However the code is part of the module and not mine. The module code needs to be fixed.

Hi there. I made a change to this last night that fixes your issue. Simply upgrade to edge and you’ll get it.

Thanks Andrew.

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