Faxmachine to Faxmachine project

I have a project that I need to propose to a telco here in Belgium.

We have our own DSL line with Sip routeurs including FXS port linked to FaxMachines.
We would like to register these FXS/ATA to a FreePBX (linked to a PRI with a Digium Card) and send out faxes from faxmachines via ATA/FXS through Freepbx to the PRI.
Is it a good idea for you?

For incoming, we will receive the faxes from a sip provider in T38.
So the path will be rom the provider in T38 to the FreePbx to the ATA/FXS to the faxmachine.
Is it a good idea for you?

In my country this would be a killing application form very small companies who would like to keep faxmachines.

Thanks for your reply.

We spent about 5 months of resources on this internally and got it working. You need to use Asterisk 10 which has T38 gateway. Bring the faxes from your ATA with T38 and have Asterisk convert the fax and send it down the PRI.

Good luck with the project and last I checked with Asterisk 10 Gateway was still not working correct and took some pretty invasive patches to get it to work here.

As you have a working version, can you propose me a working version for some commercial agreement?

Yes we might be able to do something. Setup a support account for freepbx paid support and open a ticket. From there we can talk about things.

Ok, I will take.
What amount of money?
You would act on our server or explain us how to do it?
Do I need a tech available?

Now Urbisco is registered in your support section.
Can we talk about this project and let me know how much it cost?
Gilles Capelluto

Wait for your reply :wink: