Faxing - what triggers subdirectories under /var/spool/asterisk/fax?

We had a system set up that was cheating to get faxes onto a server - pushing received faxes off to the preferred destination as they came into /var/spool/asterisk/fax/3/in and /var/spool/asterisk/fax/4/in (using scp to put them in a desired destination).

We had to rebuild the (very small) server over the weekend after a drive failure and lack of a good config backup, but while we have the fax users set up and faxes drop in as .tif files in the main fax directory, we’re not getting the subdirectories and .pdf files in them. I’m stumped on what was creating those, what am I missing? This was inbound-only so I don’t think we had Fax Pro in use.

Edit: I’m assured that Fax Pro was not on there, but the server had been through several upgrades. Please, any tips on where I should be looking?

since it is a single digit int I would guess it is based on the userman id. There is nothing in the fax module that uses that directory structure so it has to be a fax pro feature.

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Thanks, that helps. I’m wondering if it’s based on a feature that went from FreePBX into the Fax Pro module at some point and we just had the handling because of legacy upgrades.

Do you know if there are ways (that won’t go away with upgrades) to do any kind of post-receive processing on faxes?

I would suggest you could construct incron job(s), it would not be dependent on anything but a file being written and closed in /var/spool/asterisk/fax and you get to be root if you need to be.

cron jobs are exactly what the old server was using, but it was simple because the inbound files were separated into different directories based on recipient. Now I’d need to differentiate between 3 possible recipients pulling files directly out of the …/fax directory so I’d probably have to do something with CDRs maybe?
At that point it’d probably be easier to just create local users on the system, email to those local accounts and use something to extract the attachments from the received email messages.

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