Faxing w/ FreePBX

Okay, so I have installed the Digium Fax module in to my Asterisk 1.4.34/FreePBX system. Now we have a Standing fax machine at a branch and now i’m needing to know how to set this up so faxes are able to be sent and received. Please help as i’m an Asterisk newbie.

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This sounds really easy, but is really vague from these instructions. I have a Linksys T.38 enabled ATA. I also have a T.38 DID and trunk. I’ve configured the first line to be the phone line, and am hoping to get the second line to be fax. So far, I have gotten the phone line up and working perfectly.

How would I go about getting the fax to work? What do I need to do? Please, and help would be really welcome.

I have the following setup:

  • FreePBX 2.7
  • Asterisk 1.6.2

All help is greatly appreciated!

We experimented with Digium’s FFA to get a reliable solution. Thanks to FreePBX it wasn’t all that hard to get inbound faxing working with Digium’s FFA. The Outbound … that was a real pain to do and scaling it would have been even more difficult. As I understand it, Digium’s FFA basically does a store and forward with tiff images, and allows for the ever cool fax to email option as well.

Personally, it would be nice if fax machines just went away but they are still common and we keep getting requests from businesses to support them. Our solution, in the end, has been to use a Linksys SPA3102 (or 2102) with a T.38 enabled account through VOIP Innovations. We have removed our asterisk servers from the picture completely on our end in doing fax and it, so far, works very well. The only real downside of doing it this was is that we lack a fax to email option, which Digium’s FFA gave us.

You connect phones or faxes to the FXS ports. I don’t know how well that will work though. You don’t necessarily need the settings that will provide the best audio for faxing to work.

The only setup I have tried, is faxing through a SIP trunk with the fax connected to a PAP2T with non-standard setup.

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Mikkel C. Simonsen

No idea what the “Digium Fax module” does, but just connecting the fax machine to a Linksys PAP2T with the correct setup works fine for me.

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Mikkel C. Simonsen

That box has a FXO/FXS card in it, which port do i need to hook it up to?