Faxing Pro Fax Quality from UCP

I am using UCP to send faxes.
The quality of the faxes sent is way too low for them to be usable.
Any way to bring the resolution up?
I know you are working on a fix for freepbx 13.
Any chance you might solve this in 12 soon as well?

FreePBX 12, Asterisk 11.

This has already been addressed in FreePBX 13 and lets you set the resolution. It will not be done in 12 as its a feature and alot of chnages to handle it. Upgrade to FreePBX 13

We have latest version of FreePBX and Fax pro module. But when we scan a paper and send it through UCP, the quality is low. We check the outgoing box and the quality of uploaded file is also low. It happens just for scanned papers. If we send original pdf or make a pdf from a word file, quality is perfect.
We also check the different qualities of scanning but result is same.
ECM is enabled too.

Do you have any idea?