Fax with ATA questions

I’m working on configuring a fax line through FreePBX and so far I have it working well. 2 questions I have though.

  1. When faxing out, It’s setting up the T.38 connection fine, but incoming it’s just using voice G.711. I verified this with a packet capture on a mirror port on the ATA. I have T.38 passthrough on in the SIP general settings. Is there something else im missing?

  2. Is there an option for freepbx to grab incoming faxes and send them to email, then relay that fax to an internal ATA? I dont have FaxPro and im not sure if that’s a feature in it or not.

Apologies in advance, as it has been sometime since I had tried and gave up on the same type of setup.

We ended up purchasing the FaxPro commercial module and even then all inbound emails are essentially rendered to an email, if my memory serves me here. We found no good setup for directing inbound faxes to an extension with a registered ATA and T.38. Not an ATA or T.38 problem. It is just how FreePBX faxing is designed to work.

We eventually decided to port our dedicated fax telephone number to an e-fax service such as Metrofax. This works great. All inbound faxes are emails. All outbound faxes are emails.

We put instructions on the MFC printer/copier/fax that outbound faxes are sent as “scan to email” with the recipient address being the fax#@metrofax.com. We even saved our often used fax destinations as email addresses on the MFC.

I am hoping to save you the way too many hours of frustration and getting to the same conclusion.
Embrace the e-fax world and move on.

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