Fax to Email help and suggestion

I’ve gone through the Fax to Email Wiki from http://www.trixbox.org/node/13123/53994#comment-53994 and I have a few concerns before I really set it up for a production environment,

My fax to email is going to work purely on Inbound DID based routing, I am using HylaFax with IAX modem.

The Wiki says,

“NOTE: The inbound DID example is largely untested on trixbox. I have it working on a T1 PRI with normal asterisk + iaxmodem (no trixbox - different OS), but this example has been regurgitated purely from memory and is untested”

  1. Has anyone tested this solution for production with Trixbox?


  1. Do I have setup a seperate “config.ttyIAX config.ttyIAX” file for each of my user ? OR only one file would suffice ?

The Wiki says, "You’ll need one config.ttyIAX* file for each faxgetty instance. "
3. This means if there is one fax in the process of being received on the IAX modem extension, the other person sending the fax would get a busy tone ? I am confused on this one.

Any assistance on this one ?

Following up on my own thread, my provider says that his DIDs supports Fax calls. I’ve setup everything as mentioned in the Wiki.

I’ve verified also and my settings are perfectly OK. Whenever I send a fax call, I get a normal voice call on my Trixbox. It hits my voicemail or follow me. It is not answered by Fax.

What could be wrong ?

Just one more thing,

In the my general settings, I’ve set “IAX Modem” as the extension that would receive faxes.

Now since, each of my DID points to an extension, what do I set in the inbound route for fax ?

Does it have to be

a. System ?
b. FreePBX default ?
c. IAX Modem (Extension)

You have answered your own question. The inbound route for the fax DID must point to the IAX modem extension.
The other way to do this for any DID is to use the NVfaxdetect and then let Freepbx send the fax to the IAX modem extension.