FAX T38 detected but no fax extension in context (ext-fax)

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asterisk -rx 'fax show version’
FAX For Asterisk Components:
Applications: 13.17.0
Spandsp FAX Driver: 20110122 075024

asterisk -rx 'fax show settings’
FAX For Asterisk Settings:
ECM: Enabled
Status Events: Off
Minimum Bit Rate: 9600
Maximum Bit Rate: 14400
Modem Modulations Allowed: V17,V27,V29
T.38 Negotiation Timeout: 5000

FAX Technology Modules:
Spandsp (Spandsp FAX Driver) Settings:

My objective is to receive an inbound fax to my email address. I purchased Fax Pro Module.

I configured Inbound Route > Enabled Fax Detection > Set Destination to Fax Recipient > Enabled Fax in User Management > Set the email address for the User

In Extension configuration, Set Destination for Busy, No Answer, Not Reachable to Fax Recipient.

I tried SIP extension and Virtual Extension, set the Fax Detection to No, from Inbound route set destination to Feature code 666 and Fax Recipient but the result is the same.

What functions or configuration I need to do to get this working?

If your DID is dedicated to faxing, you don’t want fax detection. Disable Fax Detection on the inbound route and send the call to Fax Recipient. Set up your fax recipients in Admin, User Management.

I set the following on my FreePBX.

On Inbound Route > Fax Detection set to No > Set Destination to Fax Recipient
On User Management > Enabled Fax for the User > Set the email address

But I am still getting this error “res_fax.c: FAX T38 detected but no fax extension in context (ext-fax)”

Do I need to write something on extensions_custom.conf to be able to route the fax to the reciepient?

Something ain’t right, going need a call trace: