Fax recieve broken after module update on weekend

Hi All.

I’m running FreePBX-2.5 with asterisk- on gentoo linux.

After upgranding the modules on weekend rxfax stops working, i get “result (29) Carrier lost during fax receive” from rxfax.

No idea what happens.

The fax stuff comes from agx package and is linked to spandsp-0.0.4_pre16.

I have a AVAYA IPO500 connected to the world, and two trunks (one h.323 and one BRI) to the asterisk box (misdn and hfcpci on this side).

I get this error for faxes from the world and local faxes (via AVAYA IPO), there’s no difference if they goes via isdn or ip trunk.

I don’t know if this has something to do with the module upgrades, but i can’t remember that I’ve changed anything else. How said, no idea what happens.

I had one successful fax recieve from the world some hours ago.
One of maybe ten from the same sender.
I’ve really tested a lot, no success, no useful information into the logs.

Is it possible that the error has something to do with the fax recieve macro?

app_macro.c: Executed application: rxfax
app_macro.c: Extension s, macroexten in_fax, priority 3 returned normally even though call was hung up

Ideas are welcome

As far as i could figure out:

It has nothing to do with the updates, this is simply a isdn timing problem.

Well, why isdn timing affects the h.323 trunk?