Fax Pro (XactFax) module: Over quota error message prevents user to send a new FAX from user portal


I opened a Ticket (see FreePBX Ticket 6720) about an “Over quota” (error) message that appeared on user portal just after the very first FAX was sent using FAX Pro (XactFax module) features.

Does anybody faced something similar? where can I see for Log or for any valuable information on that?

It’s obvious I never configured any quota threshold about (outgoing/incoming) FAX or others type of calls.

Kind regards, Davide.

The “Over Quota” message was related to the Max Pages’ field (Local Storage Options section of FAX Pro module) that was entirely blanked out (with respect to default, when it’s set to 3000 pages) when a Company Logo is removed after it was uploaded.
Development is working on that. Thanks.

This bug has been fixed and published.

I saw. Thanks Tony. Great job! Have a nice day and thanks again to you and Bryan too.