Fax Pro with Freepbx 13 and SPA122 not responding

Hello, I have Fax Pro, I had quality problem with outbound faxes, we upgrade to freepbx 13 and that solved the issue from UCP but the SPA122 we had to send/receive faxes with a fax machine was working fine but after the upgrade it does’t work, every time I call I got
"Got SIP response 302"Moved temporarily" back from **..."
when I call from internal extension same error, I created a new extension and same problem
also in freepbx dashboard I have this message about the fax

Inbound faxes now use User Manager users. Therefore you will need to re-assign all of your destinations that used ‘Fax Recipients’ to point to User Manager users. You may see broken destinations until this is resolved

Any help will be apreciate