Fax Pro user portal page modifications

We have FaxPro and it works perfectly, but we have some user confusion not realizing they need to type the destination fully with a ‘1’ + area code +number ex. 15555555555. Is there any way to customize the php to add some text to clarify these requirements next the destination field? We know how to edit the php, but we are not sure what file needs to be edited to do so. We think it may be functions.inc.php but that is encrypted.

Probably easier to just add a prepend in your matching outbound route, as this is specific to your trunks.

Not commercial modules dont allow for changes in the source as they are encrypted.

Just adding a prepend (1) to the number will not work as this will not allow local numbers 7 digits or local 10 digit numbers. If there was a way to match the number entered then add a prepend based on the match that would help.

The faxpro module does not seem to use the outbound routes as I have already worked the prepends out and the person sending the 10 digit number without the 1 would have prepended the 1 and gone out.

It does use the outbound routes. All calls through the dialplan in FreePBX use outbound routes. Would seem that your routes are not setup right or in the right order.

On the fax configuration page you can set a Global Prefix that you can use to force your calls out a specific route.

It sounds like your carrier needs eleven digit dialing, so you would in your outbound route add dial patterns for Local 7/10 digit and Long Distance

Then on the seven digit pattern prepend (1518) and on the ten digit pattern prepend (1) your LD route should be good. You will also put in your prefix that you specified in the Global Fax settings so that your outbound faxes will match this route.