Fax Pro - Outbound Routes

I am trying to test sending a fax with the Fax Pro module, it is failing but the reason would seem to be that it is not using the outbound route I happen to want it to use.

The route I want it to use the extension that the user account is tied to is allowed to use (though most extensions (currently) can’t). It appears to be using another route that doesn’t support T38 and I would expect to fail (in fact it is using G729).

How can I effect what route will be used by the fax module?

Fax Configuration > “Global Prefix”. Add something there, like *9 maybe. Then go to an output route and match on *9. Whatever works though.

Does extension routing not have an effect there? Only way to do it is with a special prefix (which after thinking about it is still pretty decent since the user doesn’t even know it is there). But why does extensions routing not work and more bizzarely why does it use a lower down route?

No extension routing is for when the extension calls. It does not route the Fax call