Fax Pro Outbound Fax Resolution

Go to Module Admin, and then click ‘Check Online’. Install the ‘12 to 13 Upgrader’ module, and then run it.

It’ll check your machine for suitability, and then allow you to upgrade.

There is no need for Sysadmin to upgrade FreePBX versions, Sysadmin just helps you upgrade DISTRO versions (eg, 6.4 to 6.5)

Thanks for the clarification.

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updated the latest faxpro (12.0.39) on FPBX 12 today and the changelog says that http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-9404 was addressed, but after install, there are no options for resolution either in fax configuration settings or fax settings in UCP. 12.0.39: #9404 support resolution and orientation #11256 remember last resolution setting set in UCP Am I missing something or does this still only apply to FreePBX 13? Thanks!

This only shows up when sending a fax

No it doesnt. I tried that also.

Unfortunately at this time it only works in FreePBX 13. Will work on fixing it in 12 shortly

ok fair enough. Is there a way to change the outgoing fax resolution at all - say to a higher resolution default - without having to backport fixes from 13, or do any significant development? In other words, is this something we can do ourselves or is this locked up in the zend version of faxpro commercial module and it has to be done by y’all? Thx.

You can’t do it yourself. If you need it asap update to freepbx 13.

The changes in 12 moved the default from standard to fine. So right now you already have a higher res.

We are having this same issue and currently have the latest Version installed (13.0.36).

What “issue” this thread is almost two years old and since then additional resolution settings have been added. You don’t mention those. Whats the “issue” here?

We are having the same issue that @clifforg mentioned in the comment above with the screen shot of the PDF - dots are displaying on the PDF once sent. Once you scan the PDF to PC it looks fine and even when you preview (after it’s uploaded to the server) before sending it, it still looks fine. We have also changed the resolution (Standard, Fine, Super Fine) to see if that made any difference and it does not.

We’ve tested this on the Version 12 and Version 13 of our FreePBX phone servers and still have this issue as well as tested this with multiple numbers.

We were wondering, does the fax to email portal actually have some sort of software that recreates the PDF? Or do you have any suggestions on settings that may need to be changed?

Fax to email has nothing to do with the selection of resolution. Selecting resolution is only for outbound.

I understand that, but we are talking about the Fax Pro Outbound Fax Resolution, at least that’s what the discussion is titled. That (on the fax pro module) is where we are having the issue I mentioned.

So I just ran a full test on this using Fax Pro in FreePBX sending to our Fax Station service provided through SIPStation and the resolution options work.

Here are the three examples of Standard, Fine and Superfine as received on the far end. Not sure what to tell you other than perhaps your far end is downgrading the resolution itself.

Images below. Here are the actual PDFs: Index of /faxing