Fax Pro Notifications for Incoming Faxes

Is there a way to get an email notification when a fax comes in via Fax Pro? I understand I can send the whole fax via email but unfortunately due to personally identifiable information in the faxes, we don’t want them to go out on email. We want to use the store locally feature but we also need to know when a new fax arrives without having to monitor it. Any suggestions?

Fax Pro version: 13.0.40

No Fax pro has nothing to do with inbound faxing. Fax Pro is all about outbound faxing.

I would have to disagree for as far as I can tell, saving an incoming fax on the server is only possible with Fax Pro otherwise it will simply send the incoming fax via email, which we don’t want to do.

Correct Fax Pro let’s you view inbound faxes in UCP since Tha this where you send faxea from but the whole handling of inbound faxes and emailing is part of open source FreePBX so anyone could add this feature and submit it back to the project.

I just found out that if I have the UCP open and a fax comes in to that extension, UCP will generate a browser notification. At least it does that with Chrome. The only other thing I was thinking I could do is monitor the incoming folder and use a script that monitors the folder for new files would then generate an email notification but this notification that I just saw with the UCP open may just do the trick.