Fax Pro Not sending Through Specified Trunk

I installed Fax Pro and am attempting to send an outbound fax. In /var/log/asterisk/full I can see the call come through as *9xxxxxxxxx but it does not seem to ever show that it selected a trunk to send through. My Sip provider says they never see a call come through. When initially installed, there was a *9 in the match pattern…I’ve tried it that way, putting in *9NXXNXXXXXX I’ve put *9 in the prefix thinking it needed to be stripped before heading to my provider…but no matter what I do it never seems to actually go through the trunk to make a call. I can see it playing the dtmf digits for the call…but never references a trunk like a normal call. If I look in the CDR’s it looks like it does and AppDial2 as if it is bypassing going through the trunk. I’ve had pretty poor luck with commercial modules and their spotty documentation…maybe this is a never meant to be kind of app…seems like most people can’t get it working either. Does anyone know of any tricks to make this thing work?

In general, prefixes for outbound routes are numerical only. * and # at the beginning of a dialed number are generally reserved for feature codes.

Thanks for the response…*9 is what the installer populated automatically in the outbound route it created.

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