FAX Pro - new UCP in freepbx12. How can I help you in translate?

I’d like to help you to translate this module in Italian.
How can I accomplish this task? Where can I found a “how to”?

I was thinking the same (more: I was thinking to start translating the whole FreePBX in italian, I saw that a lot of modules lack of italian strings/statements translations): haven’t you checked here? Read here. AFAIK these way of translating FreePBX should work also with FreePBX 12 (Is there FAX Pro among various modules?).

We must send a Code Submission Agreement before to start that…

Italian translations status here.

At this time commercial modules are not setup for public translation. @GameGamer43 was working on this.

UCP is heavy in JavaScript. Currently we do not use internationalization in our JavaScript. This should change soon.

See http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-7778

After next week we will have answers on this. But for end users it will be the same. Translate through weblate