Fax Pro multiple routes


I have 4 fax lines, all SIP T.38 and working fine. The problem is I can’t set a certain fax (outbound) to specific group of users. for examble I have fax number xxxxxxxx is supposed to be used by group A, and fax YYYYYYY to be used by group B, and ZZZZZZ to group C, how can i do that without asking each group to add a prefix to set the route, don’t want to leave it up to them to decide.

it would be great if there is way to say if the call is fax and from exten A then route thought outbound route 1 …etc.

Second Problem is that the faxpro coverpage. Can I have multiple settings for it?

Good question, I’d like to know this too. Any ideas?

set your caller id on user management fax and on the extension. Then just create an outbound route for that caller ID.

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