FAX Pro - multiple fax lines


I’m considering purchasing the FAX Pro module. There is a critical issue that I need to know whether this module can help me with.

I need to maintain 3 separate FAX lines (inbound and outbound) to be used by different individuals. The separation should be very clear, meaning that each individual can send out and receive faxes only from one of the lines and not from any of the other 2 lines.

Can this be set up in this module? How does the user interface looks like? Can I preset the fax line per user? Or do they have a selection of which fax line to use?

Thank you.

When you are setting the fax destination for incoming faxes when using Fax Pro, you are choosing a user from the user management module for it to be delivered to. This user would then login to UCP and manage the faxes for this particular number.

So yes, you can separate the numbers on a per-user basis.

ok, so what fax pro does is just store incoming pdfs?

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