Fax Pro module - Sending Incorrect Caller ID

Hi All,

We are having some trouble with our Fax Pro module and was wondering if someone could provide some insight.
In bound fax works fine, routing to correct users and then to email.
Outbound faxes are sent but are sent with incorrect caller ID.
The caller ID is always set to the default caller ID on the SIP trunk and not the “Default Local Station Identifier” or even the “Outgoing Station ID” set in the extensions tab.

Has anyone ever seen this before or have any ideas?


One of the first things you might check is if your SIP provided is letting you set the number.

Nick, I have confirmed this issue and filed a bug report.

IT seems fine, I mean it passes for all other numbers on the trunk. Can you elaborate on how I could check fax specifically?

Thanks Robert, I see the bug report and added my 2 cents