Fax Pro Module issues with sending and resolution

I am working on configuration for Fax Pro in order to provide my employees with the ability to receive and send faxes. Currently I have the receiving working great with their desk lines detecting a fax and then sending to their email. The issue I am having is with the sending portion. If I send a fax from my account on the UCP to a number that is internal to us, it works fine. If I send one from my UCP account to our real fax machine (Analog line on Grandstream device) it will send the cover page fine, then send a basically blank page. The very top of the page has the header that is cut off, but that is it. The Fax Pro software knows it did not send and tries to resend. Sometimes it goes through, sometimes it fails. Also, even on ‘Superfine’ for resolution it is extremely poor.

On the two that failed I have one with error ‘Unexpected Message Received’ and another with ‘No Response After Sending Page’

Note that this fax machine does not have any issues sending or receiving from any other device, so steers me towards the new fax configuration as an issue.

Asterisk: 13.9.1
Fax Configuration Professional: 12.0.40