Fax Pro module - Can't dial long distance with service provider codes appended

Hi there,
We have long distance codes set up with our SIP service provider. This means that when a long distance call is made, the caller hears a tone, then enters a 4 digital department code and the call is connected. There is no ring tone produced until the code is entered.

I’ve purchased the Fax Pro module and find that I don’t know exactly how to properly format a long distance number and LD code in the destination field of a new fax. I assume there is a pause character I need to enter. Can someone help me with this please?


Their is no ability to add a code or pause. As you are putting in the Fax Number.

I suggest setting up a outbound route to use for faxing that does not require a carrier level pin.

In Fax Config module in FreePBX you can tell it to prepend a code like *323 so anytime UCP sends a fax it will send the number with a *323 in front of it. Then you can setup a special outbound route on the PBX that looks for the *323 and strips it off and sends the number down the trunk that does not require some pin.