Fax Pro & Legal Sized (Alternate Sized) Paper

Hello All!

I have a client that needs to send and receive faxes in legal sized paper. Currently, he’s stating that the documents, though they are being scanned in legal size, are sending as A4, and though he’s scanning as legal size, it is being sent as A4.

What is the best way to handle this please?

Thank you!

The software uses the size specified by the document then falls back. If you are getting A4 that means the scanning software is seting A4 as a size or nothing.

Thank you for the super swift reply! I’ll check that out. What about for sending faxes? How do I sent a fax in a size other than A4? I’m currently using FreePBX 11 and so far the faxes that were scanned as legal get “squished” onto an A4 sized paper (client’s words, no mine lol)

Any advice?

Thanks for your advice thus far!!