Fax pro / Fax free digium module

Hi everyone, I would like to install the fax pro module but at the moment I am receiving the following error under the extension configuration:

ERROR: No FAX modules detected!
Fax-related dialplan will NOT be generated.
This module requires Fax for Asterisk (res_fax_digium.so) or spandsp based app_fax (res_fax_spandsp.so) to function.

My question is: am I going to have the same issue if I install fax pro, or it will install all required modules? If fax pro will not solve, how do I fix this issue?

Asterisk 10.11

Fax PRO enhances the free module, they both have the same requirements. You need to install one of the mentioned res resources. Digium is deprecating res_fax_digium so your best bet is to install res_fax_spandsp