Fax Pro Error After 16 upgrade

Had an interesting interaction with the Director of SNG Support this evening.

I was encountering an error in the Fax Configuration option in FreePBX after upgrading to FreePBX 16. First, he accused me of running beta software in production. I corrected him and showed him the blog post that shows FreePBX 16 is GA now.

Then he refused to help me because he said I needed to buy support credits. I have the Fax Pro module licensed with support/updates available. I was under the impression that’s all I needed to receive support for a Commercial Module.

The error was “Invalid string offset ‘G729-XXXXXXXXXXX’”. I did some digging in my configuration and found an old Digium License in /var/lib/asterisk/licenses by the same name. It appears the Digium G.729 license is no longer needed in newer versions of Asterisk. I moved the file out of that directory and now the Fax page loads. It also appears I’m still able to make/receive calls using G729 as well.

Mostly just wanted to post this as a reference in case anyone else has this issue.


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