Fax Pro - 3 out of 4 outbound faxes fail over PRI with "The call dropped prematurely"

I installed my first Fax Pro module on a customer’s system after having used Hylafax and IAXModem for 10 years on many FreePBX systems. But to my disappointment I am only able to send a small percentage of faxes successfully with the Fax Pro module. Most fail with the message “The call dropped prematurely”.
I have a Comcast PRI, a Sangoma A101DE PRI card, and an HPE DL server running a new FreePBX 14/Asterisk 13/Linux 7.5 Distro. The inbound faxes work flawlessly. It’s just the outbound faxes that are very intermittent.
Can anyone point me in the right direction on what to look at? It’s almost like the spandsp isn’t working well on the Asterisk 13/Linux 7.5 which could be why my “tried-and-true” Hylafax/IAXModem isn’t working either? I’d love to get a stable outgoing faxing solution for my customers and was hoping that the Fax Pro module would work for them…
Thanks! Dave

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