FAX over Grandstream HT801 FXS ATA adaptor


I ve connected a FAX machine into HT801 and i am able to send-receive faxes.
The problem is that every now and then the HT801 needs a reboot otherwise the fax extension shows to be unregistered in freepbx.
After the reboot everything work flawlessly.

Do you know what can i do to except from rebooting all the time the HT801

I experienced similar symptom with HT704. For my case, upgrading to the latest firmware seized the symptom down. (it was rarely happening anyway, but when the issue occured, I needed to remove power and wait a while to power back again in order to ensure registration)

I 've already upgraded to the latest firmware version, but i still 've the same problem

I see…
Perhaps you can find more detail if you enable syslog?
It is in under “ADVANCED SETTINGS” tab, I believe…



Just curious, your ATA’s power supply is clean, right?
In my previous office building power was not clean, I occasionally noticed a spike, so I placed UPS between power feed and ATA mainly for protection purpose.

I can’t tell whether the UPS is doing good work for my current environment, but I am not having issue right at this moment.

yes, it is clean and i dont have any spikes.
I ve plugged in a UPS too.

Something is wrong with the SIP registration, because in HT801 status page is shown as “registered” but in Freepbx it is shown as unknown when i give sip show peers.

Very strange!!!

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