Fax options missing in extension

Hi, I am pretty new to freepbx and I am trying to set up Fax to email. After reading Wanderer comment on the fax configuration on the wiki (quoted below, sorry not allowed to link to it, as i am a new user)

The thing that probably isn’t clear is that you can receive incoming faxes without buying the Fax Pro module, but in that case they can only be emailed to the recipient, not viewed online or managed in the UCP. You use the Fax Configuration module (shown on page 3 of the manual) to set the Outgoing Email Address, then you can create an extension of any kind (even virtual) and save it and when you call it back up, a limited subset of the Fax options shown on page 5 (the ones needed for receiving a fax) are present. You can set them and then in your inbound routes you will have the option to use “Fax Recipient” as a destination.
But the Fax Configuration Module has other settings that suggest that it may also be possible to send faxes, not with the nice web-based GUI, but in some manner. But that functionality is never expanded on in the manual.

I believe there should be some fax options on the extension page, mainly a place to enter an email address?

I have tried creating a sip extension and a virtual extension and can not see these options anywhere. Am i missing something? any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Sorry missed this, The fax options do not appear until you have created an extension and save it, then re-enter the extension.


I would say this is likely a bug. I do not otherwise see a need for an extension other than to make fax show up in UCP.