Fax only extension?

I have fax pro and would like to set up a user to only fax and they will have no phone - is this possible?

bumping this topic back up

I’m not convinced I understand the question. I’m pretty sure the answer is “how else would you do it?” but I’m concerned that I’m missing something in this really super-simple question as posed.

You’ll need to be more specific - What problem are you having, specifically?

Dave, not a problem really, just a “How do I”? type thing.

How do I create a fax only user? This user will only have send/receive fax capability and will not have a physical phone extension.

Just set them up as a regular user, give them an extension number, but don’t deploy an instrument.

I don’t use ‘users’ very often, but I don’t remember the extension being a required field.