Fax Not Working


I have installed elastix v 2.0.3 and have made sip extentions for voice (telephone calls) and a IAX2 extention for fax receiving only. I got 3 or 4 times fax when I installed elastix v2.0.3 at my server but after that I never got any fax. When some one calls on my this IAX2 extention, it connect and give the sound of fax but either it does not receive any fax or if receive, it only receive half of the first page only and nothing more than that. I will appreciate if some one can advise me, what I need to do so that I can receive complete pages at my fax extention. My other all sip telephone extentions are working fine. Please help…

I would help if I could but asking about Elastix in the FreePBX forum is like asking Suzuki questions in the BMW forum.

In FreePBX distro you enable t.38 in SIP settings then you set the fax configuration module. Next you create an inbound extension and set it to SIP fax and point it to a corresponding fax extension. It really works pretty much right out of the box.

Maybe you can help with this:
AsteriskNOW with Free Fax for Asterisk installed. The extension answers and the fax appears to be received, but when viewing it, it appears as a white bar the width of the page about an inch tall.

These appear to be the relevant log entries:

VERBOSE[24472] res_fax_digium.c: – Channel ‘SIP/nextiva-trunk-0000003f’ FAX session ‘11’ is complete, result: ‘FAILED’ (FAX_FAILURE_PROTOCOL_ERROR), error: ‘LOSS_OF_HS_SYNC’, pages: 0, resolution: ‘204x196’, transfer rate: ‘14400’, remoteSID: '9524490318’
VERBOSE[24471] pbx.c: – Executing [[email protected]:5] ExecIf(“SIP/nextiva-trunk-0000003f”, “0?Set(FAXSTATUS=FAILED LICENSE MAY BE EXCEEDED check log errors)”) in new stack

I don’t know AsteriskNOW but from the log you provided it looks like you don’t have a fax license. Have you posted your question in the AsteriskNow forum? I would recommend you try the FreePBX distro.

Thanks for your reply. Could you please tell me how to get the free fax license and how to install it as I really do not have any idea…?

Google is your friend. Installing software on Linux requires following directions. If you can’t search and find a link on the Internet it raises concerns if you will have success configuring the software.

Follow the docs to the letter, don’t skip any steps and don’t assume anything.

Once you install the FAX for Asterisk set up your t.38 in the FreePBX SIP settings module.

If you used the FreePBX distro it comes already configured with SpanDSP an Open Source FAX library.

Here is the link to Digium store:


Thanks for help. I have tried couple of times to install the Fax license but could not do it. Everytime, I just got lost and confused. Do not know what to do. I just have even installed elastix new version 2.3.0.