Fax module help

Hi guys,

New install of FreePBX 12.0.69

I can’t get the fax module to work…

I went into Settings > Fax configuration
And filled up everything

Then I went to exertion 200 and Enabled fax reception… I specified an email address and chose PDF as the attachment format

Finally, in my inbound route, I allowed fax detection, type SIP, destination “fax recipient” with the extension 200

It won’t work and I can’t figure out why :frowning:

Anything I missed?

I’m not at work at the moment so cant doble check the settings I use. But I have seem to recall that I don’t set the incoming route fax detection, leave that as no, but do set the destination to the fax recipient. As I recall that works fine for our incoming fax numbers, we have several.
I’ll double check tomorrow if that does work for you.

It started working after reboot.

Sorry for useless post :frowning: