Fax functionality question


Trying to see if this can be accomplished.
If I have each user with a DID, I would like to have their DID receive phone calls as well as faxes.
Is this possible?

Setting up faxing I was unable to find a complete end to end document.
I did enable SIP with T38 pass through.
Setup inbound route to detect faxes, fax type sip and then comes the part that I feel I got stuck.
Destination, gives me drop downs for many things, none of which spell out an email address or fax etc.

Any assistance or link to a document would be appreciated!

If you have the fax module installed, you will see a tab in User Management where you can enable for the user. Make sure the user has an email address. Once done there, you will have a ‘Fax Recipient’ destination in the drop down menu where you can choose which user it goes to,

That was my missing piece, thank you!!!

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Is there a way to email to fax from within this system?
In FAX PRO it looks like it’s only via Web UI.

Not supported.

Thats what I thought, thanks!

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It’s heavily patented and the patent holder does not play around.

Hi Tony, Thanks for the response.

I know J2, is heavy duty on that and I can understand why.
There are some other providers out there, but of course if we are receiving via FreePBX we wanted to send the same way.

Thanks again!

Yes their are products and open source projects that do it and that is their choice but we respect other people’s IP and there right to enforce their IP