FAX Freepbx 2.3.1

i would need a how to or some hints to get fax to email funcionality worked on my sysetm asterisk 1.4 freepbx 2.3.1 centos 5!
does anybody now which third party software i need within my above configuration.
does anybody has a step to step tutorial?

i thought freepbx 2.3.1 supports incomming fax? or?

or do i need some other applications on my centos system to make it work!
thanks a lot

Every thing you need is listed here.


thank you for the link,
a lot of files, but what to do with them?


Hi. I’m trtying translate GUI into Japanese.
As Wiki said I translate PO file into Japanese and converted to MO file with POedit software.
I putted those into /usr/src/freepbx-2.3.1/amp_conf/htdocs/admin/i18n/ja_JP/LC_MESSAGES
I modified /usr/src/freepbx-2.3.1/amp_conf/htdocs/admin/views/freepbx_admin.php as follows.


<option value=“en_US” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="en_US" ? "selected" : "") ?> >English
<option value=“fr_FR” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="fr_FR" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Français
<option value=“de_DE” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="de_DE" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Deutsch
<option value=“it_IT” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="it_IT" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Italiano
<option value=“es_ES” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="es_ES" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Español
<option value=“ru_RU” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="ru_RU" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Russki
<option value=“pt_PT” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="pt_PT" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Portuguese
<option value=“he_IL” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="he_IL" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Hebrew
<option value=“ja_JP” <?php echo ($_COOKIE['lang']=="ja_JP" ? "selected" : "") ?> >Japanese

<?php } ?>

and execute ./install_amp

But after I selected japanese from drop-down menum, all messages are still English.
Some thing wrong with above procedure?
I’m quite new to translation of This project.


Kyosuke (Japan)