Fax fax fax fax fax

how can I use the fax in the 2.10 freePBX
I have digum card with pots lines
and want to make faxes diverted to extensions’s e-maails
and from mail to fax as well
I want a simple normal free solution
Does DISTRO offer this in its new version ?
please need a ref. or a good explanation

i have no problem in even having a separate FAX server connected to my TB by a trunk , all what I need is the easiest and proved method for FAX

FreePBX Distro can do fax to email stock with all version. Their is no outbound for free in FreePBX. You can buy Fax Pro and send faxes from the User Control Panel than.

what exactly this pika does ?

THe Pika is irrelevant. Just follow the instructions for the fax module.

It’s not that hard. just a few fields to fill out.

If you are using SIP trunks your carrier must support t.38

If you are using Analog or ISDN no changes required.

will give it a shot

Fax to email is easy enough, just install Digium Fax for Asterisk, and configure with the standard FreePBX Fax Configuration module as well as the per-extension configuration.

Email to fax is trickier, but if you are comfortable with shell scripting you should be able to hack something together.

None of this relies on T.38, although it will make things more reliable.

Should also work with a completely open spandsp solution, but Fax for Asterisk gives you a free license for one fax at a time, which is enough for most people.

how can I do fax to email stock by freePBX
and where I can find more details about fax Pro ?


Digium Fax for Asterisk is this a hardware module or a software module ??
what is the config u r talking about ?
am not a shell script-er at all I’m still a rocky

i just want the easiest way
i have a hardware server
a digum card fxo/fxs

a pretty good knowledge about trixbox and some aout Distro

can I have a fax solution please ?!

If you are using the FreePBX Distro their is no need for Fax for Asterisk. SpanDSP is compiled in and all of our testing shows it works better and more reliable in Asterisk 1.8 than Fax For Asterisk is.

A little information for you as English appears not to be your first language.

“Can I have a fax solution please” is not a question. You have been offered many solutions, you need to study the solutions offered.

For example “digium fax for asterisk” if you searched the term on the Internet you would have found the product page from Digium.

As Tony pointed out our distro includes SpanDSP. Another good faxing solution. You need to read the SpanDSP documentation to have an understanding of how it is working and how to troublshoot but it is configured “out of the box” on the FreePBX distro.

I tried Pika first
after uploading and process install I faced the following error :
WARP FAX cannot be installed:
File /etc/asterisk/pika.conf must exist

I tried to solve this by install pika to auto generate pika.conf
I sued this manual

I stopped at step 12: Build and install chan_pika
when I run ./configure
I have this message:
checking if Asterisk is installed… no
configure: error: Could not find your Asterisk installation

any idea ?

and for the spanDSP
I found the Documentation
but can;t find a HOW-TO use it in Distro as a FAX sol.

as I told b4 I’n a newbie
so can anyone guide me to the first step ??
fax-to-e-mail which as you said already exists in TB and Distro ??
I need a manual
a site
a whatever that tells the story from A 2 Z

I have no idea what you are doing. I told you:

You tried to install software for an appliance computer on your server?

I gave you that link because it clearly showed how to setup FreePBX for fax to email.

For FreePBX to Fax it has to have a valid FAX driver (either Fax for Asterisk or SpanDSP) and the FreePBX fax module.

If you install the FreePBX distro SpanDSP is configured out of the box for you.

What do YOU think what other people think when the see the next in all your posts ?

Best regards,
Ahmed M.Salah
Communications Specialist

If you ask me

I think that communications is a wide branched since
and VoIP (asterisk) is one of these branches
so I might be more experienced from anyone here in mobile communications as an example, so I can still be a communications specialist
am I right ?

any way this is not my issue here
if you can help
i’ll appreciated
else, I won’t reply

Hi Tony,

I was looking for Fax in FreePBX , and noticed this.

Actually my question is what the exact requirements for Fax system creation in my FreePBX is ?
Is Faxpro compatible with analog Fax machines ?

H. Aydin Ucar