Fax Detection Type: NVFax, just I'm sure it is


I’ve got a working asterisk-1.2 + freepbx + sipura/linksys SPA-3120 receiving faxes 95% of the time. Other 5% aren’t receiving errors: just detection errors were NVFax detects voice and the call is transfered to main IVR. When I pick the phone, then I get fax tones. The line were SPA3120 is attached is a dedicated FAX line.

Is there a way to get an Inbound Route or an extension, to get faxing from ‘system’ without nvfax?


Just as easy as this: create a misc destination

Misc Destination: INTERNAL FAX
Dial: {core:simu_fax}

And configure it as destination of inbound route.

how you set up the spa-3120?