Fax Detection , Asterisk 1.8.7

Hi Group,

Maybe someone can help with the Fax Issues I’m having.

FreePBX is installed and working great at my office.
I use a SIP Trunk as the outbound connection to the PSTN.

All of my users can dial in and out - no issues.
So far everything is good!

I have enabled my private extension to detected FAX and sent it to my email address. FAX detection type is SIP.

From my home, where I have setup a freepbx server (again with sip trunk provider), I have connected my Analog Fax machine using a FXO/FXS convector.
When sending FAX from home to office, Fax is transfer to my email! Cool!
However, when I connected the FAX machine, to an analog line PSTN, fax is not working. Instead when dialing I can hear to voice mail promoting.

Should I change the fax deception type to DAHDI?
NVFAX is gray out in the FreePBX GUI.

I also check that codecs are OK, since I know I need to use codec ulaw or alaw

How can I enable the NVFAX?

I compiled asterisk with spandsp and also make sure the module is loaded under module.conf

Where am I’m doing worng?


i’m lost…

I’m Lost