Fax detect

i’ve Asterisk with Freepbx on Suse 10.3 Kernel

I’ve a patton 4552 connected to a isdn and a Grandstream GXW4004 where one port have a fax connected.

isdn —> 4552 —> freepbx —> GXW4004 —> fax (212)

I’ve configured freepbx for detect fax and send it to internal 212. But i’ve a problem the NVFaxDetect application is not present in asterisk
I’ve 2 questions:

  1. With my hardware is the best solutions? Can Patton 4552 detect fax and send a code to freepbx, so that freepbx not must detect the fax but must only transfer to internal 212?
  2. If the first option is not possible, how can install NVFaxDetect into Asterisk

Thank you.

NVFaxDetect is not part of Asterisk, you need to obtain it elsewhere. Whether there is a version compatible with Asterisk 1.6, you’ll have to look around, I don’t know off hand. (There is for 1.4).

Hello, I was wandering if you had any headway on the nvfaxdetect. I am in the process of upgrading to 1.6 and ran into the same issue with nvfaxdetect on asterisk 1.6. You can email me at [email protected].

i’ve modify the source and is tested on 1.6.1. Detect fax without problem.