Fax destination (101)

I’m looking to add fax functionality to my client’s FreePBX. I done the following:

  • created an inbound route
  • set the DID to the fax number
  • set destination to a ring group (in case someone decides to call the fax number I guess?)
  • set “detect faxes” to yes

And then what? Should I set “Fax Detection type” and what should I do with “Fax Destination” when I just want the fax to end up in someone’s email?

Fax Recipients > Select User

Before a user will show up as a fax recipient, they will need to have the fax setting enabled on their user profile. You will also need to add the user email to the user profile as well.

One more thing - through Exhaustive testing, for SIP detection, we have found 6 seconds to be the optimum - not too long, but long enough to catch all the FAXes.


  • Fax Detection type => SIP
  • Fax Detection Time => 6


What is Dahdi?

DAHDI = Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface - It is only used if you are using POTS/BRI/PRI lines - everything else is SIP.

Great! Let’s fax!

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