Fax configuration. No fax in inbox

Current Asterisk Version: 11.23.0
FreePBX 13.0.187 ‘VoIP Server’

I got an inbound route :
set destination : Fax recipient user2
fax destination : fax recipient user2

and Admin - User Management - user2 - fax enable ; store locally: yes

I got an email with the fax attached. But I don’t understand why there is nothing in the
fax inbox in the UCP portal.

Someone know what configuration I missed.


Make sure your fax module(s) is up to date in Module Admin, and make sure you have enabled ‘store locally’ on the fax tab for the user in User Management.

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OK thanks
1/ Configuration was OK: 'store locally Yes’
2/ the update of the fax pro module fix my problem.
I got the mail in the UCP - fax - inbox -

So now fax are in inbox/
I don’t want freepbx send me the fax by email.
Setting - Fax config - email address (not the outgoing email address) : is empty
Setting -Fax config - outgoing email adress : empty.

I still receive an email with the attached fax.

Admin - management user -fax tab -email result : never
doesn’t work either.

Where is the config tricks to stop freepbx send me email with attached fax?