FAX configuration (alaw codec)

Good afternoon,

i’m running FreePBX with fax pro module (already licenced)

I would like to send and receive fax through a dedicated trunk that is delivered by my provider. (for the moment we use a cisco spa112 with the trunk config set that is directly connected to a pci modem card in a windows fax server…)

The codec used by the provider is G711a (alaw), a inbound route is dedicated to fax only.

Here is my current config:

[Settings, asterisk ip settings]
alaw codec is enabled
T38 Pass-Through: no

[Connectivity,INBOUND Route] Destination: fax recipient/fax user, Detect Faxes is not enabled, all other options are default

[Admin,User mangement] Fax user (linked extension: none) with email configured (server is able to send emails), fax feature is enabled (store locally: yes), Outgoing Station ID: equal to inbound route number

[Settings, fax configuration] Default Local Station Identifier: equal to inbound route number

host=ip_of_the_trunk (provider)
domain=ip_of_the_trunk (provider)

USER Context: trunk_user_name
host=ip_of_the_trunk (provider)
fromdomain=ip_of_the_trunk (provider)

Please can you confirm settings i have to apply in freepbx:

i did several test but i’m not able to receive faxes, no logs are displayed (even if the log level have been set to full) when do a reception test (send fax from another working fax system), if i affect a extension to the user then i redirect the inbound routeto this extension it’s working, i can dial the did number and the extension ring

  • do i need to add faxdetect=yes in Chain sip settings ? (it seem if it’s not enabled, fax logs will not appear, even if the log level have been set to full)

  • do i have to add a special option in trunk config for fax?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile: