Fax by dahdi


It’s possible, but since you are unfamiliar with Linux and Asterisk I don’t think you will have an easy time of it. After that you will have to manually manage your upgrades for the life of the box.

I would run a backup and build a new box.


No,SkykingOH; I’ve never worked with fax but I have some bases on Linux and Asterisk. I just need some few explanations to have a starting point. For example, I know that by itself, Asterisk can only do fax to tiff, it can’t send received fax directly to the destination fax. To do that, external modules are necessary. Could you give me some good free modules able to do fax to fax?


NVFAX detect. It’s not a FreePBX module though


I’ve read that it was no longer available for Asterisk versions beyond the 1.4 version.

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