FAX-2-PDF Failing - Could be another Elastix thing

Stopped getting FAX-2-PDF but no error messages were logged in Asterisk - but copying and pasting the actual command that Asterisk was trying to execute from the CLI gives the following:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function gethostname() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/fax/bin/fax2mail.php on line 9

Here is what the code looked like:

$var[‘hostname’] = gethostname();

Here is what I changed it to:

$var[‘hostname’] = “asterisk.somebody.com”;

Don’t know why this was failing – here is the page that says the syntax is correct:


Anyways, hard-coding the host-name in the script fixes the problem, so if anyone else runs into this problem, here is the workaround.


(PHP >= 5.3.0) from the Article - So an update to the FAX Module not requires PHP 5.3 - Man, I have to get rid of all of my Elastix boxes!


We highly recommend PHP 5.3 and their are lots of little things that will break without it.

It’s not just this problem - Elastix (Even the next-release Beta) is still based on CentOS 5 - and therefore PHP 5.1. We have given up on them and are in the process of moving the installed base to the FreePBX Distro - It’s just not worth the hassle anymore.