Favorite Visual Conference Manager

Hopefully there is a favorite conference manager amongst the experts.

I installed FreePBX and set up extensions and conference rooms. In my past experience with conference rooms, I’ve wondered who the strange voice was on a conference, for example, or had someone put us on hold and play everyone hold music. I would like to be able to see the attendees to a conference, and see if they are talking, and mute them, or even kick them off.

I did some searching and there seems to be a handful of possibilities. And I see iSymphony server is installed automatically in my FreePBX distro. But I’m not sure what it does.

Can anyone who’s been down this road point me to a good visual conference manager? That’s our main use of Asterisk/FreePBX to start off – conference calls. I am going to try to get people interested in video conferences too, in the future, hopefully.

I don’t mind paying for an app, if necessary, but it’s coming out of my own pocket, so it can’t be $$$$.

I’ve found

Astimax – not sure it is even Asterisk-based.

VMukti – it does the video too


Asterikast – abandoned website

MeetMe – CLI only? (list, mute/unmute, kick, lock), needs timer and Zaptel device?

Flash Operator Panel

Web Meetme


Asterisk Monitor

Flash Operator Panel is looking like the most attractive thing to try at this early stage of not knowing the Asterisk landscape, after I figure out what iSymphony can do.






Conference Pro

I tried FOP2 since it was in the Yum repository, and it does everything I wanted, except for one thing I now realize. At least I can’t find it.


  • Lock Conference
  • Mute Conference
  • Mute Participant
  • Kick Participant


  • end users add/change the conference password

I can obviously change it in FreePBX, but I want the end users to be able to change it themself without calling me.

Can any of these other Conference Managers give the user the ability to change their conference password?