FATAL SQL ERROR when trying to edit a SIP trunk


I just update from Module Admin, all the modules and when I am trying to edit a trunk the following error pops.

FATAL SQL ERROR! ::::: SELECT tech FROM devices WHERE id = OUT_2 [nativecode=1054 ** Unknown column ‘OUT_2’ in ‘where clause’]SQL -

And a bunch of arrays…

When I make a new SIP trunk is fine, but again, when I try to edit it, it crashes.

What is the problem?

Thanks in advance

It’s an Endpoint Manager bug.

I just published a new version of the epm you should be able to update it. If you don’t use the EPM you can just disable it as well.

Did you do a backup and restore from a previous version?

No. It was a totaly clean (I mean no configuration at all) installation of and the upgraded to and then to Also, some hours ago 3-4 updates were released from module admin and I updated them.

Seems to be fine now…

Thank you.